March 8, 2011

The Daily Choice: Craft Spells – You Should Close The Door


Word just arrived (somewhere in the haze of last week) that Craft Spells would be touring with perennial Daily Choice favorites, Beach Fossils.  And it makes sense.  I’ve mentioned time and time again that Beach Fossils, especially there newer, less coastal sounding jams, sound like unused tracks from a John Hughes blockbuster.  Yet where Beach Fossils are the punchy, get-up-and-go soundtrack to an early act montage, Craft Spells are the pensive background to the final heartfelt hand-squeeze, the slow fade to credits.  All of the 80s favorite indie influences are kicking around in here, but Craft Spells manage to float above the weight of inspiration.

There album Idle Labor, out on Captured Tracks, helps to crowd the shockingly stuffed March 29th release date.

Craft Spells – You Should Close The Door


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