February 16, 2011

Drew Grow & the Pastors’ Wives Benefit and Silent Auction This Saturday


Drew Grow ::: photo by Abbey Simmons

Its been just over a month since Drew Grow was in a nasty car accident which totaled the Pastors’ Wives tour van, as well as severely breaking his foot and femur, resulting in multiple surgeries. It was a terrible accident and the consequences severe, but it could have been much worse and we are lucky that Drew is alive, writing new songs and standing on a casted foot today.

As Drew has been working hard on healing, a community stronger than we ever knew existed, sprung into action organizing benefits, cooking meals and doing anything they could to help Drew and the Pastors’ Wives make it through this tough time. This Saturday, much of that activity culminates in a benefit show and silent auction at Columbia City Theater with acoustic sets from The Maldives, Kevin Murphy of The Moondoggies, Bryan John Appleby, Mychal Benjamin Goodweather of Campfire OK, Ghosts I’ve Met, Jake Hemming of Big Sur and some special unannounced guests. All of the musicians playing have donated their time and all of the proceeds from ticket sales will go to the Pastors’ Wives.

You can buy your tickets for the benefit HERE

And its not just the musicians playing who’ve donated to the cause, from 7 to 10pm during the benefit there will be a silent auction in the Bourbon Bar with big ticket items like three nights at the Doe Bay Resort Retreat House (large enough for 20 folks) and $2,000 worth of website design from Hardly Code and smaller items like a custom knit sweater, prints from local photographers and more. As well as the silent auction there will be a merch market place where friends of the Pastors’ Wives and some of the bands playing the benefit have donated merchandise to be sold with all proceeds going to evening’s grand total.

This Saturday’s benefit certainly isn’t the only one for Drew and the Pastors’ Wives, but it’s the biggest event in Seattle planned. Portland, the Pastors’ Wives hometown, are also coming together to show their support and appreciation, and another benefit for the band was just announced: March 2nd show at Doug Fir with Boy Eats Drum Machine, Tope and Light for Fire.

Yesterday in a new blog post, Drew shared his thoughts on the past month and his thanks:

What should a person think after living through something like this? How much worse could things be looking for me than they do? Is there more to the trauma of what happened or to the guilt that I was so fortunate? What if I didn’t have such support from my community, no “family”? In the hospital friends visited, to my needs friends swarmed. I want you all to hear it, because in a way, it was you that this community visited, and it was to you that this corner of the world swarmed. It is who we are and what we are that has manifested so tangibly. I want you who have sent me a message or a thought or prayer, or a dinner or some financial help toward medical bills or donated your art or played a concert for my benefit, to know how real your part has been in this chapter and how much your effort has truly made a difference. I have, maybe we all have, often thought that taking some risk to step outside ourself is not worth the sacrifice or perhaps only hardly worth the sacrifice, but I now know differently. I have seen what you all have done and I have been bolstered and shielded from further harm by your gestures. I will remember this.

We’ll see you at Columbia City Theater on Saturday, because not only is it all for a great cause, but its going to be a great show.


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