February 10, 2011

The Daily Choice: Sreong Santi – Kuen Kuen Lueng Lueng


Mr. Andy Votel and the rest of you psych detectives over at Finders Keepers, I salute you.  It’s been a hard fought battle to find any sort of obscurity compilation I enjoy more than the recently released (and DCed) Persian Underground, but I think those gods of rare at Finders Keepers may have just slipped it under my door.  Thai? Dai!: The Heavier Side of Luk Thung Underground is a collection of Thai rock and roll that emerged in the wake of the Western World’s musical avalanche.  It’s one part psych-rock, one part folk rock, one part marimba, one part jazzy horn – all tied together by a culture that eats parmesan cheese flavored ice cream in hamburger buns.

“Kuen Kuen Lueng Lueng” sounds almost exactly like “Iron Man” in riffage, but the body of the song is light and jangly, a delightful breather before it kicks back in to its Sabbath-soaked interior.  Everything about this compilation is amazing.

The album is out now on Finders Keepers.  Raven Sings The Blues also recommends their Well Hung and The BYG Deal collections.  I’m scrambling to find them already.

Sreong Santi – Kuen Kuen Lueng Lueng

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  1. I listened to the Sreong Santi tune. It’s what I expected from the picture and also having lived in Thailand for a year. I believe santi means “peace.” Anyway, thanks for the ethnomusicological field recording. Classic stuff.

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