January 16, 2011

Abbey’s 20 Favorite Local Records of 2010


Damien Jurado ::: photo by Abbey Simmons

Our big, written properly, not just a list of The Top 25 Northwest Albums of 2010 is coming soon, really, WE PROMISE. But today I wanted to share my personal favorites of 2010. Also, my number one most listened to local album of 2010 was basically a “Best Of” compilation, so I decided not to include it. If I had though, Carissa’s Wierd’s They’ll Only Miss You When You Leave would be perched near the very top.

1. Damien JuradoSaint Bartlett 2. The MoondoggiesTidelands and You’ll Find No Answers Here 3. The Head and The Hearts/t 4. SI’m Not As Good At It As You 5. Dan ManganNice Nice Very Nice 6. Avians Alights/t 7. Drew Grow and the Pastors’ Wivess/t 8. Hoquiams/t 9. Mt. St. Helen’s Vietnam BandWhere the Messengers Meet 10. Ravenna WoodsDemons and Lakes

Ravenna Woods ::: photo by Abbey Simmons

11. LemoloSingles EP 12. The Lonely Forests/t EP 13. The LightsFailed Graves 14. What What NowFingers and Toes 15. Baltic Cousinss/t EP 16. Joseph Giants/t 17. Salmon ThrasherWhat Gives and Thrashin’ USA 18. Macklemore and Ryan LewisThe Vs. Remixes 19. Hobosexuals/t 20. Shannon Stephenss/t

Four albums I love that I haven’t had enough time with to make a judgment … my best guess though? Had they come out earlier in the year, they’d be in that Top 20:

The SolventsForgive Yr. Blood Drew Grow – The Comfort Feel EP Le Sang Songs/t Cobirds Unites/t

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  1. love to see What What Now get love. I woulda put The Horde and the Harem on that list too, but I’m biased. Saw Baltic Cousins at the Black Lodge; even better live.

    Speaking of What What Now, check out my Kickstarter page

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