January 15, 2011

Help The Head and The Heart Make a Video



The Head and the Heart ::: polaroid by Josh Lovseth

Its time for The Head and The Heart to make their first official music video and happily, Sub Pop has tapped up and coming local videographer and filmmaker Christian Sorensen Hansen and local producer Bobby McHugh to make it. The duo have an enlightening idea for the concept, but its top secret … but they do need your help and your lamps to make it happen. Hoping to chronicle and include the fans that have made The Head and The Heart one of the most buzzed about and beloved local bands in recent memory, they ask that you bring your neatest FUNCTIONING lamp to The Living Room this Monday. If you do, your lamp could have a starring role in the band’s first music video.

* Who? Christian and Bobby are asking friends and fans of the band to bring a lamp or two to The Living Room Bar on Monday at 7:00 PM. Since this is at a bar, fans must be 21+.

* What? We love lamp. But probably not your irreplacable family heirloom or something that would find you featured on Antiques Roadshow. We’re not going to break your lamp, but lets stick to the funky fun wonderful Goodwill finds and not something that should be in The Smithsonian. No boring five dollar IKEA lamps either, please.

* Why come? You love The Head and The Heart. You’ve supported them since they played Conor Byrne open mic. You saw them at Doe Bay. You’ve met one of the members of the band. You think Christian Sorensen Hansen is a video genius. Also, you will see your lamp in The Head and The Heart’s first official music video. And there will be a little photobooth set up Monday night where you’ll have your portrait taken with your lamp.

* Will we get our lamps back? Of course! We love lamp. Seriously, we promise to get your lamp back to you. A complicated system to account for all lamps has been created, expressly to make certain all lamps are returned to their rightful owners after the video is shot in late January.

* Where? 1355 E Olive Way / Seattle, WA 98122

* When? The party and lamp accepting starts at 7:00 pm this Monday – January 17th


Hit us up.

  1. Megan #

    Does the lamp have to be functioning or just look really cool???

  2. Michelle #

    Yes, it does have to work. Thanks for asking!

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