January 9, 2011

And The #1 Selling Record of 2010 at Sonic Boom Ballard Was …


Not the Black Keys. Not the Arcade Fire, but …



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  1. Scott #

    Good for them, I can’t understand their popularity but good for them!

  2. dude.

  3. Good for all of us, I think Scott. That there are two local bands in the Top 20 (Moondoggies at #14)and outselling huge records like The Suburbs and Brothers says something about the strength and support of local music in Seattle.

    Locals supporting locals (and Seattle’s independent record stores) and a self-released DIY record beating out the big labels; even if the band’s not your cup of tea, what’s not great for all of us about that?

  4. Don’t forget Live at KEXP Vol. 6 at number 5! That goes further in underlining your point, Abbey.

  5. whoops totally missed that Zach! three local efforts … god, I love this town.

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