December 22, 2010

Win Three Amazing Albums From Secret Seven Records!


I just wrote up the fantastic San Francisco label Secret Seven Records.  To further concrete them as the bastions of amazing music they are, they’re giving you the opportunity to win one of three vinyl copies of their mind-blowing music.

For the opportunity to win either Sonny and The Sunsets Tomorrow Is Alright, The Sandwitches Duck, Duck, Goose or their fantastic reissue of Michael Yonker’s Goodby Sunball all I need for you to do is post a comment down below giving me a solid reason why I should give you one of these records.  I’ll be traveling for the holidays, but will contact winners next week.

Vinyl copies of these amazing albums and all you have to do is tell me why you deserve ‘em … let the commenting begin!

Sonny and The Sunsets – Too Young To Burn

The Sandwitches – Baby Mine

Michael Yonkers – Swamp of Love


Hit us up.

  1. Johan #

    I’d love the Sonny record, i’ve been listening to them non-stop since you guys put me on to them!

  2. Kyle Trethewey #

    Pick me. I plan on shrinking myself down to 25 µm and running along the grooves of the record to experience first-hand the fantastic sounds of these fine artists.

  3. Brandon Day #

    I really need to win because I will be going back east for Christmas and being forced to listen to nothing but cheesy Christmas music and pop country. I need something to heal my sad, poor ears when I get back to Seattle!!

  4. Michael Parker #

    When Sonny and the Sunsets played The Vera earlier in the year I went on a whim based on a friend’s suggestion. A good friend of mine engineered their record down in San Fran and told me I’d love them. He was right. After the show the band ended up coming back to my house and slept in my room. I was given a vinyl copy of the record as thank you, but it has gone missing. I haven’t been able to find it since. Now’s my chance. If you pick me I’ll be eternally grateful and I’ll let you sleep on my couch the next time your band needs a place to crash.

  5. I wanna play them on my radio show to share with others! I’ve dug Sonny for a few years, and Michael Yonkers is one of my new faves; Lovely Gold was one of the best releases of the year, albeit 33 years after the fact.

  6. Gabriel Smith #

    I’ve been reading this blog for a while now, I love nearly everything you post, but I don’t get to go to many good shows down here in Texas. I would love all of these records and hope very much that more of the artists posted here would venture out of their state.

  7. Seth warren #

    Michael Yonkers is awesome, olive he.

  8. I’d love to win one because I actually play my vinyl records. I’ll even send you a picture of me playing the record!

  9. Thank you guys all so much for commenting on this post!

    I’ve picked my winners and records will be sent out soon!

    Keep an eye out for more giveaways.

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