December 15, 2010

The Head and the Heart are a Sub Pop band.



The Head and the Heart are “Alternative”

Though no one is making any official statement yet, the image above snapped just minutes ago via the iTunes store is confirmation enough for the rest of us that it can’t be kept secret any longer: The Head and the Heart are now a Sub Pop band.

Though we’ve had it confirmed directly from the band themselves for a little while and have been struggling to keep quiet in hopes of getting some official words from the band and label to share the news with you first, the iTunes screenshot along with a review that identifies the band as a Sub Pop signee in the LA Weekly yesterday now makes this news public. Since the partnership hasn’t been officially announced, we can’t share all the details yet, but when Sub Pop does announce, we fully intend on bringing you them.

Seattle’s largest label taking on the local breakout band of 2010, and doing it up against a bevy of other large labels displaying an ardent interest (and deep pockets) is in our view the biggest and best kind of news.


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