December 4, 2010

Stream Drew Grow’s The Comfort Feel EP



Much has been made on Sound on the Sound and other places, of the power of a Drew Grow and the Pastors’ Wives performances. On stage the Pastors’ Wives transform into a singular entity, many voices channeled into their wildly gesticulating front man, conjurers of goosebumps, a band that breathes a single breath. We have told you about people weeping openly in the audience at their shows, hell, we’ve been the weepers … but I’m here to tell you now, Drew Grow isn’t all bombast and he’s more than his band’s laudable live performances.

The Comfort Feel, a brand new acoustic EP recorded by Drew Grow, reminds that its the songs and Grow’s lyrics that are really raising the goosebumps — not the wild communal performance. The six song EP will be available for purchase this Tuesday, but Grow was too excited to share the material to not start streaming it tonight. Recorded mostly in his basement, the EP features two reworkings of Pastors’ Wives Songs (“Company” and “It All Comes Right”), two brand new songs and two older tracks. While it is all lovely, the stand out of the EP is the six-minute long “King on the Throne,” a weeping whisper of an old spiritual played on some ancient phonograph. Laid bare without the soaring backing vocals of the Pastors’ Wives, Grow’s voice has never sounded more beautiful or distinct. While he doesn’t have the operatic range of band mate’s Kris Doty or Seth Schaper, Grow conveys more emotion and power in his gravelly timber than someone with eight octave range. Never has that been more clear than on The Comfort Feel.

Listen for yourself:


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