November 24, 2010

Driving The 5 With Kelli Schaefer and Drew Grow & the Pastors’ Wives: Day Two


Kelli Schaefer ::: photo by Dylan Priest

“This one is for anyone who ever tried to do something in the world.” –Drew Grow

After crashing on couches and air-mattresses, we load up in the van after coffee and head to Portland around 9am. That night, Kelli will open another sold out Wild flag show at Doug Fir. Spirits are high, as a result of last night’s amazing show in Seattle. Kelli and the band are working hard to establish themselves in the music world, gaining one fan at a time. During our short afternoon in Portland, Kelli spends her lone hour off with a photographer who is a big fan of her work. Her commitment to interacting with her fans means she’ll even make time for someone she’s only spoken to on the phone so he can take press photos for his portfolio. While Kelli is at the shoot, the rest of us kick it around the house she shares with the Pastors’ Wives, relaxing before what is sure to be another long night followed by a very early morning. Some of the band even had to put in a hours at their day job today, as I’m witnessing finding time for tour and steady work is a tricky balance.

We arrive early at Doug Fir to unload and get set up. Tonight is another chance to impress a room full of people who are unfamiliar with Kelli’s music. After sound check, we all hang out in the green room with Wild Flag. Everyone is giving each other little pep talks about the show tonight. This is Kelli’s second time playing at Doug Fir but this will be a whole different experience. Tonight an even bigger crowd makes its way into the room as Kelli starts to play. As I stand there, I overhear people asking the name of the band. “Kelli Schaefer friend, you can find her albums in the back”. As usual there are a few moments of audience chatter, but once again during “Better Idea” the crowd shuts up and listens.The rest of the set is all cheers and awe from the crowd. Another audience is caught off guard by Kelli’s music and a voice that commands even the chattiest crowd’s attention.

Despite the early morning departure that awaits us, we all stay for the Wild Flat set. Those girls bring the rock and their epic set is worth the lack of sleep. We stay for the Wild Flag set which is an epic rock experience. We head home high on evening, ignoring the fact at least a 10 hour drive to Sacramento will come very soon.

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Couch Surfing ::: photo by Dylan Priest

Writing in the Van ::: photo by Dylan Priest

I’ll Be Home Soon ::: photo by Dylan Priest

Sound Check ::: photo by Dylan Priest

Guitar ::: photo by Dylan Priest

Kelli Schaefer ::: photo by Dylan Priest

Pastors’ Wives ::: photo by Dylan Priest

Jeremiah and Kelli ::: photo by Dylan Priest

Kris Doty::: photo by Dylan Priest


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