October 22, 2010

Virgin Islands: Win Tickets and a Kick-Ass Silk Screened Poster



You Could Win This Kick-Ass Poster by Shay Roth

Virgin Island’s The Age of Anxiety is just about everything I could ever want from a debut punk EP. Clocking in at under 12 minutes, the EP is full of robust rock: barreling bass, pack-a-day washed down with cheap whiskey vocals, insistent drums that drive everything forward with crisp cracks and sharp guitar hooks that feel like a blade pressed against your throat. The songs are straight forward, no bullshit rockers and as solid as they sound on the EP, they really come to life performed live where the studio sheen is replaced by sweat, spit and sneering punk spirit. And of course, its best viewed from a shoving, sweating, smiling pit.

Find out for yourself next Friday (October 29th), when Virgin Islands is headlining a hell of a night at The Sunset. Also joining them will be Wow & Flutter, The Golden Blondes and the Botherations.

We’ve got two pairs of tickets and two awesome silk screened posters commemorating the show for a couple of lucky Sound on the Sound readers. Drop your name in the comments with a promise we’ll see you in the pit to enter to win tickets. (Use your real email address, we don’t share it or abuse it!) We’ll pick two lucky winners on Thursday at noon.


Hit us up.

  1. Sarah #

    I’ll be rocking in the pit if I win this!!! Yesss!

  2. Todd #

    I am so excited to see Virgin Islands along with Wow and Flutter on Friday!

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