September 14, 2010

The Doe Bay Sessions: Fences



Fences ::: by Tyler Kalberg

Some songs are most fully realized when listened to alone. In the company of your headphones and your regrets, these songs are sung not just to you, but for and about you. Fences specializes in such songs, intimate folk confessionals thick with remorse and unnerving pop songs whose upbeat strums belie internal anguish. Songs so bleakly honest you feel as if you’ve stumbled upon someone’s journal and into the pages they’d dare not let another soul read. Fences’ willingness to share his fragility and fuck-ups without aggrandizement is his truest strength.

So it was fitting that we had our most intimate session with Fences, lit only by the moonlight and a handful of Virgin de Guadalupe candles burning. There in that candlelight, Fences’ confessed his sins and his short-comings softly and so beautifully one couldn’t help but hope that through confession we are truly saved.


The Doe Bay Sessions – Fences from Sound on the Sound on Vimeo.

Fences self-titled debut comes out September 28th (you can pre-order the record today), he’ll be celebrating the release with a show September 23rd at The Crocodile with Campfire OK. After the break you can download “Girls With Accents” one of our favorite tracks off the record.

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