July 20, 2010

Win Tickets to See Star Anna This Friday at Columbia City Theater



Star Anna ::: photo by Josh Lovseth

It’s shocking, I know, but there’s actually other great music happening this weekend in Seattle outside of a sweaty three block radius on Capitol Hill. And none of those shows comes more highly recommended than Star Anna and the Laughing Dogs (with Daniel G. Harmann & the Trouble Starts and Ryan Purcell & the Last Round) at Columbia City Theater.

In some sort of sonic self-flagellation for missing the show, I’ve been listening to Star Anna’s latest release, The Only Thing That Matters on repeat. It’s an album I’m sad to say I overlooked when it was released locally last year, though Shane Tutmarc gave it some much deserved love on his end of the year list. It is a rocking country album full of rough and tumble heartache and snarling sweetness. There’s a dichotomy at play with the record and Star Anna herself, a strange marriage of untouchable toughness with an edge of danger and startling soul-barring, heart-exposing honesty in her words and her voice. There is such a technical proficiency to the album and such confidence radiating from Star Anna when she sings, it can at times seem aloof — but then her voice cracks with emotion as she begs you to hold on and she seems as fragile, as tough. There is something delightfully complex about Star Anna, something that makes you want to listen more loudly, more closely and just, more.

Locally, if you’re a fan of The Maldives more forceful songs and Zoe Muth’s skillful songwriting with a nod to classic country, you’ll love Star Anna. Nationally, Star Anna often draws comparisons to Lucinda Williams and Neko Case. That is to say, this is Americana at its best.

Courtesy of our friends at Columbia City Theater, we’re giving away a pair of tickets to see Star Anna and Her Laughing Dogs this Friday, July 23rd. Drop a comment below by Friday July 23rd at 10:30 and we’ll pick a winner at random to have their name on the list plus one to see Star Anna at Columbia City Theater.



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  1. Chris #

    Between Star Anna and this wonderful venue this is going to be incredible, needless to say; pick me please!!!

  2. Tri #

    If I were lucky to win these tickets I could walk from my house to the Theater to see the show.

  3. Jen #

    I had a ‘driveway moment’ last year when I heard them on the radio. Sat in my car, in the driveway to hear the rest of the song. Music hits me so hard only rarely. Since then, I’ve bought 5 copies of their cds to hand out to friends, taken 7 people to see them play, gotten 2 t-shirts signed and driven several hours to take my kid to a show at a county fair. I have a newly-moved-here friend from outta town that needs to be annointed… That’s why I should get these tickets! Yes me!

  4. I’d love a pair of free tickets to this show! Still kicking myself for missing Star Anna at the zoo this past weekend.

  5. jen #

    yes! it’s going to be an awesome show

  6. nichole #

    Saw star and the guys at conor byrne in ballard a few years ago. I was laying in bed w pnumonia surfing the net came across her music online, fell in love w her voice. Checked to see when her next gig was…saw it was that night. I called my dance partner popped some cold medicine and hauled from west seattle to ballard so I wouldn’t miss the first set. Totally worth it!

  7. Tamara #

    A beautiful evening at ZooTunes on Sunday, sitting too far back on the lawn to see well, but sure did enjoy what I heard. More Star Anna, please!

  8. Tony Davino #

    Would love to see this show. Been listening for a couple years now. Star rocks!

  9. chanroeun #

    Would love to see Star Anna, especially at this venue. First discovered her on the radio after she did an interview with KUOW/NPR and have been a fan ever since!

  10. forrest #

    Im going anyway, but winning tickets would allow me to buy more drinks! Please pick me!

  11. walt menzl #

    Awesome music, hope to be able to win tickets to the show on Friday,Thanks

  12. Cheril #

    Would love to win tickets for my birthday to go see Star Anna. Have not been to the Columbia City Theater and would be a great time.

  13. finario #

    If you need any more convincing on whether you should see Star Anna and the Laughing Dogs, track down her the video of her cover of Otis Redding’s “That’s How Strong My Love Is” from the Hootenanny for Haiti at the Showbox a few months ago. Star is simply the real deal and as authenic an Americana/Roots artist as anyone in the genre. See her now…

  14. Morgan #

    I missed the zoo show and would really love to be able to see this one! I also listen to her show on repeat – pick me please!

  15. Serena L #

    Love Star Anna! Pick me pick me!

  16. Becky #

    I just discovered Star Anna like a week ago on KEXP and I was instantly hooked. Nothing would make my Friday night finer than taking the light rail up two stops to Columbia City and walking over for the show!

  17. Keith #

    Star Anna was amazing at the zoo, everyone was great. Me not understanding the format; I shelled out $21 and waited 3 hours for a 3 song set. Meaning I still havent seen her show. Stupidity is expensive. A guest list spot would be solid.

  18. Roberto #

    I would love to see this show, Star Anna, The Columbia City Theater, and Bourbon! All of you out there, do yourself a favor, check out this venue. I checked it out today, very appealing! Wish I could have stayed longer, felt like home. Hope to be there Friday Night, PICK ME, PLEASE. PEACE.

  19. I’ve lived in Seward Park for 8 years now, and I”m perfectly happy to drive that extra 10 minutes to get downtown. Seeing Star Anna at a venue I can walk to that has served the likes of Jimi Hendrix is another reason to love this city. I’m so excited such a talented band is paying in my neck of the woods!

  20. Jill #

    Just had a taste at Zoo Tunes Sunday nite, could use more Star! Love the Elvis song!

  21. Sarah Berg #

    I would love to see the great Star Anna and The Laughing Dogs at the Columbia City Theater this friday! They were great the first time I saw them a couple of years ago and they just keep getting better and better! Now you can easily give a Seattle local some tix but I would drive all the way down from Camano Island to see them rock the house, and they do rock! Pick me!

  22. Katelyn #

    I’m in serious need of some Good Music. Think we might make our way to this show, thanks for the suggestion :)

  23. This contest is now closed, please check your email to see if you’ve won tickets!

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