May 27, 2010

The Daily Choice: Wavves – Mickey Mouse


You should be excited about this Wavves album.  I’ll agree with you (head-shaking naysayers) it took me a while to find the throbbing center of brilliance at the heart of Nathan William’s inaugural salvo of 80s-bordering noise-punk.  It took me a slightly buzzed performance in a small space that made me think of what it must of been like to see Nirvana before Teen Spirit.  It took me hours of listening to the album behind closed doors, away from my coffee shop customers who scorned the noise, the anger, the youthful pulse.

But eventually, like the rest of the critical world, I got it.

And now, with Fat Possum’s upcoming release of Wavve’s second album King of the Beach nearly in our laps, I implore you, be excited.  If this single, “Mickey Mouse” is any indication of what’s to come, Wavve’s noise-punk squeezed in to a more definable mold, than someone get my heart medicine, the old juice pumper is already feeling weary.

Wavves – Mickey Mouse


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  1. phil #

    Noah. We come from different worlds. And I love you.

    But I’m so booooreedddddd of this band. I can’t let you get away with this because you mentioned Nirvana in the same paragraph with Wavves! They don’t even belong in the same language! Is Zach Hill still going to play drums? This is what GarageBand does…*sigh*…creates….monsters…unnecessarily.

    I need to help you. Go here:


  2. phil #

    ps. does this song remind you of panda bear’s “Carrots” in a weird way?

  3. Phil,

    You know I wasn’t saying Wavves and Nirvana are of the same caliber. I was merely stating that the performance I saw was so overwhelmingly good that it brought to mind the experience of seeing another gritty, little rock and roll band that just melted minds.

    You are a good man though Phil, always keeping me honest.

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