May 3, 2010

Save The Dates: Carissa’s Wierd at the Showbox, The Black Keys at The Paramount



We try to do as little copy-and-paste posting as possible on Sound on the Sound, because you don’t come here to read press releases or slightly reworded one-sheets.  However, there are two tour dates that were just announced this morning that we have to share with you, even though we don’t have a ton more to say than this: save these dates or regret it forever.

First up is Carissa’s Wierd and their only scheduled reunion tour date: July 9th at The Showbox. The show will feature original band members Mat Brooke, Jenn Ghetto, Sarah Standard, Robin Peringer and Sera Cahoone, as well as the promise of some special unannounced guests. Not that the guests matter, you’re going to experience the unique heartbreak of Carissa’s Wierd and because you most likely missed them the first time around. (Like us.)

Tickets go on sale this Saturday and they are totally worth the Ticketmaster “service fee.”

The second date you need to save is considerably further in the future, but unmissable nonetheless. After three or four tour date announcements that ignored Seattle, Akron’s favorite sons, The Black Keys finally announced that they will be at the Paramount on October 2nd, 2010. The band will have been touring all-summer behind their new album Brothers, so by the time they roll into Seattle they should be a finely-tuned machine of sloppy blues and gut-grabbing guitar riffs.

Here’s the latest video from the band (or is it?) of their song “Next Girl” off Brothers.


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