March 1, 2010

Doe Bay Fest 2010: Featuring Fruit Bats, Hey Marseilles, THEESatsifaction, Grand Hallway and More


Sunset at Doe Bay Festival 2009 ::: photo by Abbey Simmons

It may be five months away, but I’m already ready for Doe Bay Fest 2010. I was ready for it a day after I left Orcas last August, after being treated to one of the most enjoyable and intimate musical experiences of my life. Last year, I called the Doe Bay Fest the local line-up of the summer and by the looks of just this initial announcement, which we’re excited to bring you first, 2010 is going to be just as good.

From now ’til August, Sound on the Sound will be your official source for all things Doe Bay Festival. You’ll hear everything here first: from line-ups to ticket information to interviews and introductions to the artists and┬ájust why Doe Bay is such a wonderful place for a festival. Just call us the Official Blog of Doe Bay. We’ll be letting you know soon all the exciting ways Sound on the Sound is going to be involved with our favorite little local festival.

But first things first…we’ve got an initial line-up to announce! This may just the beginning of the Doe Bay line-up, but man, what a beginning it is.

Fruit Bats Hey Marseilles Grand Hallway THEESatisfaction Drew Grow and the Pastors’ Wives The Portland Cello Project Shenandoah Davis

Those names alone should be enough to have you blocking out the weekend of August 13th and 14th, and I can promise you it’s only going to get better.


Hit us up.

  1. :) so happy

  2. scott #

    I wanted to go last year so badly, this year it will definitely happen!

  3. so so excited. Scott, buy your tickets as soon as they’re available, Doe Bay is unmissable.

  4. Jen #

    Well, I’m excited to see Fruit Bats at least….

  5. mark #

    i heard last weekend that Black Whales are playing too!! rad. i also heard rumors of Moondoggies doing it, but can’t confirm that one.

    i can’t wait!

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