February 16, 2010

“A Safe Place” for the Sasquatch Line-up Announcement


Atlas Sound readies the crowd for “FOLK JAMS!” ::: Photo by Josh Lovseth

As Atlas Sound’s Bradford Cox arrived to the Croc via Taxi just before showtime and shuffled through via Tribunali with bags full of pedals, we realized he was probably coming from weather-wracked Atlanta. Cox remarked from the stage that indeed his journey was “interesting” and lasted 14 hours, though it didn’t seem to dampen his spirits one bit. If anything the situation made Cox talkative and far more comfortable being the sole person on stage as a sole performer than I could have imagined for a guy who usually filter’s himself through layers of pedals. By the end of the night, we’d been asked to imagine the Croc as Cox’s bedroom, “a safe place” to share “folk jams” among friends. Cox’s humor made for a highly memorable first live Atlas Sound experience, and even missing his “poltergeisty” voice appliance cuts like “Walkabout” and “Criminals” turned out incredibly good live.

Fresh Espresso tried to get things going early, but with a restless crowd who would rather talk than participate, the usually strong interactive elements of the set came off flat. They were the only of the three acts appearing this night to also appear on the Sasquatch line-up, and I think their style will go over a bit better in that setting. And though their record Astrocoast is a great record, headliner Surfer Blood may be suffering a bit from over-hype, being asked to headline before they’re completely ready for that expectation. I’ll be ready to hear these gents again in 6 months, once they’ve doing it every day for a while and they are as tight as can be.

Following the second band, threaded together crowd-sourced video’s created for the “I am Sasquatch” campaign revealed revealed the big names on the line up to the delighted squeals and cheers of hipsters surrounding me. Vampire Weekend and LCD Soundsystem were the big winners on that count, with Massive Attack being the big silent “Wha?” For us of course the small names and locals who didn’t get mentioned were the highlights of the full list: Nurses, The Local Natives, Shabazz Palaces, The Lonely Forest.

Adam Zacks, you’ve done it again. I mean where else can you see Ween and Public Enemy on the same stage?

Fresh Espresso ::: Photo by Josh Lovseth

Fresh Espresso ::: Photo by Josh Lovseth

Atlas Sound ::: Photo by Josh Lovseth

Surfer Blood ::: Photo by Josh Lovseth

Surfer Blood ::: Photo by Josh Lovseth

Flickr: The Sasquatch Launch Party at the Crocodile with Surfer Blood, Atlas Sound, and Fresh Espresso

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  1. phil #

    oh vampire weekend.
    they make me hate paul simon so much.
    mr. simon (nor his son) deserve my animosity.
    but they have it anyway.

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