January 25, 2010

Discs of Fury at the Crocodile


Discs of Fury vs. the Bat Lord ::: Photo by Josh Lovseth

For one night only, the Discs of Fury brought another epic tale to the Crocodile stage, an original rock opera that makes others pale in comparison, or at least pale that they’re in any way associated with these laugh-a-minute goofballs of uncommon musical ability. The journey of the pre-destined hero has been rehashed countless times over, but it’s never been told quite like the story of Marvin Lazer and his quest to vanquish the Evil Bat Lord of Ganymede. Though Discs of Fury is by it’s very nature making fun of the classical hero story arc and so all of the elements are familiar, in no usual fantasy tale would you expect the mark of the hero to be a “THUG LIFE” tattoo across the span of his back or have a typical Van Damme action movie training montage reinterpreted into a live (and highly comedic) form.

Though the performance is an unabashed parody, it’s a parody with real guts: Discs of Fury are an honest to god arena rock super-group. Every instrument has a massive presence, to match with protagonist Marvin Lazer’s son-of-Freddie-Mercury pipes. A joke transformed into a Queen song will be almost invariably funnier than the original. An entire joke hero story expressed in song is pee-your-pants funny. For an hour and a half.

As promised WE Wrote the Book on Connectors were incorporated into the story, as shiny sequined “Captains of the Future,” with drummer Rick filling the shoes of the JERKBOT, of course. (Because Rick IS a jerk.)

Travis of WE ::: Photo by Josh Lovseth

Rick enjoying the big kit ::: Photo by Josh Lovseth

Mike is smokin’ hot on that guitar ::: Photo by Josh Lovseth

Discs of Fury ::: Photo by Josh Lovseth

Fated Love? ::: Photo by Josh Lovseth

Wait. Robots from the future in a fantasy epic? ::: Photo by Josh Lovseth

The Obligatory Training Montage (which leads into the obligatory dance party…) ::: Photo by Josh Lovseth

Flickr: Discs of Fury, WE Wrote the Book on Connectors at the Crocodile


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  1. django84 #

    Saw this Saturday on your rec. Smokin’ bands and hilarious. Still smiling.

  2. Thanks django84! So glad you got to check out the hilarious magnificence of Discs of Fury and thanks much for reading!

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