November 17, 2009

In Memory of Benny Hills – Benefits This Weekend



Benny Hills ::: photo courtesy of The Comet Tavern

2009 has been a terrible year for tragically loosing talented, vital members of our community, and kind souls. The death of Benny Hills, drummer of The Shy Ones and The Knast, Comet Tavern door guy, and perpetual sweetheart is one such an immeasurable loss. Being a door guy, at the Comet no less (located at the corner of drunk and drunker), is not what you’d usually think of as a smiley job; but Benny never had anything but for us. The weight of his loss and the tragedy that’s befallen the Hills and Comet Tavern family is still beyond comprehension.  Our thoughts, sympathy, and love is with them all on these most difficult of days.

In honor of Ben’s joyous memory and in support of his family and his roommate, Comet bartender Raymond (who survived the fire that killed Benny but left him homeless and near penniless), there are two memorial concerts/events this weekend. Here are some words about Benny and this weekend’s events from one of his dearest friends and Mamma of the Comet family, Mamma Casserole.

Many of you have probably heard that Benny Hills, one of my dearest friends and comet door person lost his life tragically in a house fire early wed morning. His death has been a shock to many of us in the Seattle music community, he was such a joyous soul. He also played drums in the power pop bands The Knast & The Shy Ones. Everyone who came into contact with benny was touched by his kindness. He was such a loving and beautiful man, and he made everyone coming to shows @ the comet  feel special and welcome.  His smile illuminated the planet! I can still hear him saying “maammmma” to me. In addition to this horrible passing, Benny’s roommate, Raymond- our beloved comet bartender is now homeless and virtually penniless. He also needs our support and help after having to endure this first hand.

We are holding a celebration of Benny’s life @ the comet this Sunday 11/22 starting at 2pm -so many bands are volunteering to play and I am a bit overwhelmed-but I am trying to cancel the night show so we can do music from 2pm -1am.

To see full details on the musical celebrations of Benny’s life, please read more.

November 21st – The Central Saloon

November 22nd – The Comet Tavern (2pm-1am) - 10$ (GIVE MORE IF YOU CAN)

Even if you can’t catch the shows and even if Benny only ever gave you a smile at the door of the Comet, we recommend you stop by to show your support.


Hit us up.

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