November 16, 2009

New Faces Are No More


New Faces ::: photo by Josh Lovseth

Bad news on the great up-and-coming local band mortality front folks, angular all-age rockers New Faces  are also no more.  All scheduled future shows are cancelled, so if you happened to see New Faces at the Crocodile this Saturday (November 14th) you saw their final show. (Your 25$ plus tickets were totally worth seeing that alone, not to mention the charity you donated to.)

Here is the band’s statement on their break-up, which they posted late this afternoon:

New Faces Announce Break-Up


Due to irreconcilable conflicts, we have decided to break up. We want to thank everyone that supported us – there are too many to thank so we won’t start but hopefully we can thank you individually soon enough. Sorry there wasn’t a second album – If it’s any consolation we’re putting up some outtakes and oldies on myspace – more will be put up tonight and tomorrow. Please look out for future projects from Conor, Kyle, Sky and Nico in the future.

Logistical note – All shows that were upcoming have been cancelled. 


We look forward to supporting the guys in their new projects, but tonight we’ll be listening to Two Years and feeling sad we don’t get another chance to hear Kyle’s bass-lines that strutted like a man’s first stroll in his most finely tailored mod suit, or the Brit-Pop bravado of Nico’s vocals. Tonight all we can hope is that from the end of New Faces comes a couple great new local bands. Considering how talented these kids are, we have no doubt there will be.


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  1. Damn.

  2. Bendrixx #

    Fuck, these kids were good too…Seattle’s best shot at gritty rock n roll since The Pleasureboaters.

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