October 15, 2009

Seattle Music GIVEs Back



Announced at last night’s Seattle City of Music Awards is an exciting new project, GIVE Seattle. GIVE has brought together 25 of Seattle’s best bands, local businesses, government, and non-profits to create a downloadable compilation CD in support of Art Corps and neighborhood Food Banks. The compilation will feature original tracks and 10 videos from 25  Seattle bands and will be available November 17th at area businesses with 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Art Corps and local food banks.

Beyond the good causes the 7$ you spend on the download will help, you my friend, are going to gets some absolutely great music. Featuring a mix of Seattle’s biggest bands and some up and coming Sound on the Sound favorites, I suspect it will be in heavy rotation as soon as it’s been purchased. While a full track list isn’t available yet, I got a little scoop on the compilation last week. The list of participating artists reads like a who’s who of local bands. You can expect exclusive tracks from Ben Gibbard, Dave Bazan,  the Dutchess and the Duke, The Whore Moans, Fresh Espresso, the Lonely Forest, Moondoggies, Maldives, and more.  I’m especially looking forward to Gibbard’s contribution, a cover of one of my favorite Neil Young songs, “Harvest Moon.”

There are plans for a concert to celebrate GIVE’s mission and to make more money for the great local non-profits, though a date and line-up has not been set. Hopefully we can also look forward to this giving becoming a regular thing, there are already hopes and plans for a second complilation next year.

1 Compilation. 7 Dollars. 25 Awesome Local Bands. A Great Cause. Sounds good to me.

Pick up GIVE at local businesses and stores starting November 17th.


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