September 30, 2009

Jenny Jimenez at the Skylark Cafe all Autumn



Now through mid-December, the plush rock photography of Jenny Jimenez will be crowding walls of West Seattle’s Skylark Cafe in a retrospective titled “Show Me Your TIFFs: Ten years of music photography.” In that decade she’s seen the rise of a new identity for the local scene, which she has in turn visualized in an artful and timeless fashion, photographing countless bands both professionally and for the love of it.

Thursday October 8th the Skylark will also play host to an opening party, that will additionally feature some large black and white prints by Jimenez as well as performances by Damien Jurado and Amy Blaschke. In the smaller print on the poster we note a male wet t-shirt contest will be held. Does this mean my growing beer-gut finally help me to win something? Or is that not the kind of cleavage this contest is after?

You can find a selection of the work that’s being showcased in a Seattle Weekly Slideshow. My favorite of hers might just be this Cave Singers album cover shot for Invitation Songs that’s below:


The Cave Singers by Jenny Jimenez

“Show Me Your TIFFs” runs through December 14th.


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