March 5, 2009

An Invitation to Abbey’s February Listening


Kerry Zettle of See Me River ::: photo by Abbey

* The Fruit Bats – Live from Berkely on KEXP  Finally after two years of not being able to listen to the Fruit Bats, thanks to unpleasant memories and a negative association with their stellar album Echolocation, I am so so glad to have the band back where they belong–in regular rotation. After two years off the Bats, they’re harmonies are sounding even sweeter to me.

* Shane Tutmarc - Dark Circles Shane yet again proves he’s one of Seattle’s most talented song-writers. There isn’t a bad song on the album, but I’m especially smitten with “Idle Hands” and “Let Me Down Easy.”

* See Me River – The Great Unwashed EP Half Smiths album, half classic See Me River, all good. Kerry Zettel has one of my favorite voices in the Seattle scene today.

* Kaylee Cole – We’re Still Here Missing  You Kaylee Cole’s album is hauntingly beautiful. I guarantee you “Car Wreck Song” and “Uncertain World” will be high on my Favorite Songs of 2009 list.

* Bon Iver – Blood Bank EP Ask anyone who’s been spending any amount of time with me recently (see: my co-workers) and they will tell you that I’ve been listening to the title track of this EP obsessively.

* Painted Hills - Magnolia EP The next Maldives? Mark my words, you’ll be hearing a lot more from this band very soon.


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