December 21, 2008

SOTS’s Birthday — Straight From Vindaloo’s Mouth


Vindaloo at The Blue Moon ::: photo by Abbey

Hell yes! I’ve already shared with you my giddy joy that the original members of Vindaloo are reuniting one night only to celebrate Sound on the Sound’s birthday at The Blue Moon January 16th; and happily it turns out Vindaloo shares in this giddy excitement.

Behold the latest myspace bulletin from Ben Harwood of Vindaloo:

Subject: Cous-Cous, Transformers, and a Vindaloo reunion?

Ok, I’ll just skip right to the 3rd one, as I’m sure many are curious if they have not yet heard Ms. Abbey of Sound on the Sound shouting it from the rooftops of the UW campus.

Jeff, Matt and I have decided to give our friends a special treat Friday, January 16th at The Blue Moon off 45th st.
(just down the way from UW campus)

For 1 night, Vindaloo will RE UNITE!

All 3 ORIGINAL members. Myself, Jeff Silva (drums) and Matt Fortin (Bass).

Over the last year, we’ve grown tight again as buds and musical colleagues and frankly, we’re itching to unleash the two Marshall 8×10 stacks on your faces once again for a night of pure, un-adultered rock n roll damnation.

We’re going to play the loudest, meanest, most pent-up rock set EVER, over 35 short minutes to anyone interested in attending, because, frankly, all 3 of us have what I have come to coin: “Rock N Roll Blue-Balls.

This shindig is going to be awesome, and we couldn’t be happier that we got to do this for Abbey and Josh over at SOS (2 people all 3 of us are especially fond and appreciative of for all their support).

Um, FUCK YES. That is all I have to say. If I wasn’t snowed in, I really would be screaming this from Seattle rooftops. We love Vindaloo, we are seriously in need of getting our faces rocked off, and we can’t wait for January 16th to roll around!

Mark your calendars people, this is going to be fucking EPIC.


Hit us up.

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