October 1, 2008

Let It Ride


I’ve been on this sort of psychedelic blues rock kick for a week or so now, and this band is definitely feeding that a bit right now. The Buffalo Killers title song from their second LP “Let It Ride,” featured above, will be remembered in my mind as one of the quintessential summer songs of 2008.

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  1. My band played with the Buffalo Killers at this summers Deep Blues Festival (Lake Elmo, MN – w/ Bob Log III, Scott Biram, Black Diamond Heavies, T-Model Ford, etc etc) and it was the first time I had heard them…just blew me away. Great thick stoney sound. I guess they played the Sunset the day we got back from tour so missed that show but I won’t miss the next one. Pick up Let It Ride and their self-titled first album on Alive Records.

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