August 18, 2008

The Moondoggies have a new record out this week


It’s not just you. That record cover does look kinda trippy.

Don’t Be A Stranger, the debut LP of local tavern players the Moondoggies, arrives this Tuesday from Sub Pop offshoot Hardly Art (also home to Seattle’s The Duchess and the Duke). That they’ve arisen from the humble roots of Seattle’s more dimly-lit side is not a jab but simply a statement of truth, and their music reflects that weathered and time worn aesthetic keenly. One listen identifies them philosophically as adventurous Young-ians, melding blues, folk, and country into a rock and roll built on tradition, but not inveterately. Seeing the band in the bright light of day for this year’s Sasquatch festival certainly felt like an unusual event, but their 30 minutes proved they deserved the privilege even amongst the insufferably ‘now’ indie-rock lineup.

The below track “Changing” is a great example of the experimental spirit of the band, stacking vocal harmonies on top of vaguely southern rock riffs that evenutally evolves (or devolves) into a ripping guitar solo, never letting up on the pace. Featured on the myspace page is “I Want You To Know,” a song that has the sort of anthemic quality where it’s not hard to imagine the entire room singing along by the end when they play it live.

mp3: “Changing” – The Moondoggies from Don’t Be A Stranger out August 19 (courtesy of Hardly Art)

For this special week, the Moondoggies have engineered a full schedule, with a KEXP live radio set at noon on Tuesday, and then an all-ages free in-store at Queen Anne’s Easy Street Records at 7pm later that night. For the big kids on Thursday night they’ll be joined in celebration of their record’s release at the Tractor Tavern by good buddies Whalebones, Jon Pontrello and labelmate Grant Olsen of Arthur & Yu. We’re fixin’ to be there, and we’re thinking you should too.

myspace: The Moondoggies

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