May 19, 2008

Georgetown Music Fest 2008 Lineup Announced


This year’s local industrial district music festival happening June 13-14 in Seattle. The list of bands playing looks like this so far:

Thee Emergency Aqueduct The Hands Slender Means The Lashes Cancer Rising Carrie Akre Helms Alee Little Pieces the Kindness Kind Megasapien Skullbot Spanish for 100 Leeni Lords of the North The Hanks Skeletons With Flesh on Them Denelian Kaylee Cole Daguerreotypes the Oregon Donor The Bad Things Reporter Nazca Lines Bronze Fawn the Globes Ms Led Danny’s House Pwrfl Power Emblematic Shim Tennis Pro The Upsidedown Le Fleur Levator Pink Snowflakes Hypatia Lake Panther Attack! Godspeed and…. HELMET! More coming soon…

Complete festival details at the Georgetown Music Festival myspace.


Hit us up.

  1. GMF is hands down my favorite truly LOCAL music festival in town.

    Looking like it is going to be another epic year in Georgetown with lots of our favorite locals.

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