May 6, 2008

Nada Mucho to Release a Seattle Sounds and Songs Compilation CD


Nada CD Cover

Fellow Seattle music lovers and writers Nada Mucho, have been hard at work creating a compilation cd of the sounds and songs of the “Seattle Underground.” They’ve rounded up a number of great local acts to contribute a previously unreleased or a new recording of an old favorite for the album. The album is due out on July 1st on Global Seepej Records, but we’re just so excited about it we had to share the track list with you.

1.       Bienvenidos! (sound snippet) 2.       At the Spine – Meteorite (2008 remix) 3.       The Tea Cozies – Tranciting 4.       Head Like a Kite – Noisy at the Circus 5.       Hazelwood Motel – Break Myself in Two 6.       The Lonely Forest –You Move 7.       Pufferfish – Rest Stop (Hello Zero Demo) 8.       Amateur Radio Operator – Strobe Light 9.       Chris Klepac – Beelzebub’s Tale to His Grandson 10.     The Wastelanders – Pride & Strawberry Wine 11.     WhoTheHells – Run with an Axe 12.     Iceage Cobra – Baconface Sweepstakes 13.     Eastern Grip – Boots 14.     C-Leb & A-Bro – Early Summertime Blues #1 15.     The Endeavors – On the Mouth 16.     Spaces – Flatland 17.     Katherine Hepburn’s Voice – Out Like This 18.    Elder Mason – The Revival


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  1. Gaila #

    Where do I pick up a copy?

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