February 23, 2008

Monotonix rode the Comet through Seattle



When Monotonix plays a show, it isn’t simply a band of three Israeli dudes. The participation of entire crowd in their hijinks is essential. And there were plenty of people willing to participate in antics at last night’s packed show at the Comet. I met a few cool people, like Kevin from NWMusicBlog,

Bass and drum dance rock duo Loving Thunder started the night out with a difficult task as this wasn’t exactly a dancing crowd per se. They came on strong at the end though despite some technical difficulties and a pulled extension cord.

Black Eyes and Neckties were exactly what this crowd was waiting for, and they proceeded to raise the energy level in the bar by a factor of ten. This harried six piece weren’t the sitting still types and a couple of times in the cramped premises knocked the legs out from under the keyboard. The first time the lead singer just laid down on his back and added his two legs to hold up the keyboard for the remainder of the song. When it happened at the end, they just realized it was a lost cause and the keyboardist proceed to dance on the drum. Big thanks to Don Slack for keeping the mosh pit off of me while I tried to take some pictures in the mayhem. Out of Bellingham, these guys are definitely a local band to watch in the near future.

I think Monotonix might have witnessed the Black Eyes and Neckties set and realized they needed to take it up a notch (or five). Guiarist Yonatan Gat and singer Ami Shalev both climbed every conceivable flat surface (and some not so flat surfaces) and crowd surfed over every crowd member. At one point drummer Haggai Fershtman was picked up by the crowd along with his drum and a symbol so he could play up there for a time. The show was ended when one of the light fixtures above the crowd came down. It’s tough to describe such an intense experience in a short amount of time, so I’ll leave you to look at the pictures for now. There are a few more up on flickr.

Monotonix I’m thinking will be one of the star’s of SXSW this year. They’ve got a whole load of party’s lined up in Austin during that week. Their tour has them playing every damn day somewhere in these United States from now until April 22. Every day for two months. Wow. Check if they’ll be in your town soon here. They’ve got Vancouver tonight, Olympia tomorrow, and Bellingham on Monday so they haven’t left our parts just yet.

Loving Thunder loving thunder

Black Eyes and Neckties  black eyes and neckties

black eyes and neckties

Monotonix monotonix

monotonix monotonix

Flickr: Monotonix, Black Eyes and Neckties, Loving Thunder at the Comet Tavern February 22, 2008


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  1. will #

    i wanted to get your permission to use one of these photos, let me know if it’s cool or not! thanks!

  2. Black Eyes and Neckties come down through Northern California a couple of months back and rocked the tiny venue where they played. By the end of the set, it was hard to tell which blood on the the pretty keyboard-player girl was make-up and which was real, after she got hit (twice?) with a guitar head. Crazy.

    Monotonix will be through here this weekend… can’t wait to catch them!

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