January 23, 2008

Throw Me The Statue Wraps Up #1325 Residency


throw me the statue

For Throw Me the Statue’s final night of their three date residency at Seattle’s Chop Suey, they were joined by local ringers David Bazan and Damien Jurado. A few other local music notables also made it out to the bar to take in the Monday night show, among them Ben Gibbard, J Tillman, the Sea Navy’s Jay Cox, and the Battle Hymns Cameron Elliott.

Bazan, billed as Ben Zavada, opened the night emerging on stage as his usual solo self and without saying a word began playing. Bazan has a full-length release planned for 2008 and played a few new songs that I’m only guessing will be recorded for it. The new songs, while they don’t venture too far outside the simple guitar style we’ve come to love from Bazan, they do reflect an artist who has grown and matured in their songwriting. The plain speaking and direct lyrics of Pedro the Lion aren’t gone, but he seems to have really found his proverbial voice and his content is much more reflective of a person who has done a little living. Interspersed among the new songs were the title track from his latest Fewer Moving Parts EP and a number of Pedro the Lion numbers including a personal favorite of mine, “Slow and Steady Wins the Race.”

Internet buzz-band Throw Me The Statue was up next, and I’ll be honest that I was more than a little skeptical of a band that has already received great press from the biggest music blog in all the land. TMTS has only an EP out right now, but told us they’ll have a full length out in February on Secretly Canadian called Moonbeams, and played the title track which was making it’s first appearance in front of an audience. “This Is How We Kiss” and “Lolita” seemed like the reason why these gents have been shown so much love, but “About to Walk” was the track that won me over. The low-fi version on the myspace doesn’t capture the irresistible dance vibe of the energetic performance I experienced on Monday. While I did feel their set overall as a band was a bit uneven, I thought the material was good, and a couple of songs were stellar. With their inaugural residency behind them and SXSW and a national tour just around the corner, a little spit and polish is all they need, and these gents may be yet able live up to some of the hype and survive the attention deficit disorder of the online music community.

Damien Jurado is pretty much THE MAN. I didn’t realize it until I was caught in his wiles as I was trying to leave early. I committed myself to staying for 15 minutes, and an hour later found myself wondering where the time went and if there is a better folk singer in all of Seattle. All I can really say is “Wow.” I’m not very familiar with his past recorded offerings, but this will be the nudge that I need to dive in to Jurado’s catalog full bore.

David Bazan (or Ben Zavada if you prefer) david bazan

david bazan

Throw Me The Statue

throw me the statue throw me the statue throw me the statue

Damien Jurado

damien jurado damien jurado

Flickr: Damien Jurado, Throw Me The Statue, David Bazan @ Chop Suey, Seattle – January 21, 2008

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  1. jurado is amazing.

    recommended album: i break chairs.
    recommended songs: he has a ton that i would personally recommend, but my two favorites are “white center” and “ohio.”

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