December 10, 2007

A Perfect Night of Seattle Pop


Eric Howk

Last Thursday, the Crocodile Cafe was host to a night of near perfect Seattle pop. The stand-outs of the evening were sets from two talented Seattle bands, Dolour (Shane Tutmarc) and Palmer, AK (Eric Howk of The Lashes) which seemed to consist of one more impossibly lovely pop song after the next.  The bands celebrated book-end milestones, it was Palmer AK’s first show and it was Dolour’s last.

There wasn’t a single song in either set,  that wasn’t lovingly sung along with. And with eleven former Dolour members in the audience (Eric Howk included) – it almost seemed as if the solo Shane Tutmarc, had an all-star backing band. For a Seattle concert, there was  a suspicious amount of smiling going on…especially after Palmer, AK took the stage. Looking around the audience, it would seem everyone was as enamored as I of Eric and Shane, two of Seattle’s most talented wordsmiths and their perfectly crafted pop songs.


Palmer, AK


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