June 19, 2007

Roderickisms: On MSNBC?!


John Roderick: head honcho of one of Seattle’s greatest bands, the funniest man in rock’n'roll, and…. msnbc correspondent?!? That’s right kids, John Roderick has been blogging Bonnaroo on MSNBC and it’s downright delicious. Roderick didn’t leave the snark at home and rightly put a few folks in their place, as well as extolling the virtues of some of my favorite musicians.

On Mainstream Darling Lily Allen: “Her lyrics were of a style we used to call “Riot Grrrl” (except more fun), empowering her peers to stand up to boys and enfranchise themselves through “neener-neener” comments about the size of men’s “willies” and so forth. …Ultimately, though, I started to feel a little self-conscious about the size of my “willie,” so I got the heck out fo there right about the time they fired up a Specials cover.”

On my current obssession, The Black Keys: “The first time I saw the Black Keys, at the Sasquatch Festival a couple of years ago, I remarked that they sounded like the Jimi Hendrix Experience without Jimi Hendrix, which I meant as an insult. Today I realized that they are more like Cream without Eric Clapton, which I mean as a compliment.”

On glorious dark-Gods, Tool: “In massive contrast to everything else I saw on Friday, Tool wants us to know that everything is NOT OK. In fact, going by the imagery projected on the giant screens flanking the stage, Tool is predicting that the future will be just one terrifying invasive medical procedure after another. Prepare to have your skin flayed by emotionless cyborgs, America, in 5/7 time.”

On Shit-Talking with The Decemberists: “On the other hand, I’ve been in a “fake feud” with them for several years, involving some “smack talking” and pranking, which despite my best efforts has failed to catch fire mostly because they reciprocate too passively. (I think they’re holding out for a fake feud with Sufjan Stevens or something). So I can’t really be trusted not to call them a bunch of fruity, Vaudeville, pirate-song-singing sissies just to burn their britches a little.”

On The Roots: “Over on the mainstage the Roots grabbed me and shook me like a bear shakes a salmon. … I was unselfconsciously boogieing throughout their set, although I didn’t devolve into hippy-dancing like much of the crowd. I boogied. There’s a difference. ”

And of course, I was thrilled to see him showing some love, to my love, Elvis Perkins: “Here’s a guy that if I told you his backstory you’d hardly believe it. In fact, most writers want to talk about his story so badly, and how it influences his melancholy music, you can tell they aren’t really listening to his tunes. They figured out what the story is before they heard a note.

Elvis and his band played lyrical folk in a Newport in ‘65 kind of way, with acoustic and electric instruments in equal measure. The real highlights were the tunes he announced as coming out on their next release. These new songs sounded like early Animals or Troggs, and the extra energy was like a shot in the arm. The Bonnaroo audience got an early taste of the songs they’ll be singing along with next year. Hail, hail rock and roll!”

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  1. john roderick should have a blog. i’d foot the bill for the server and everything.

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