May 10, 2007

News Thread


Here’s a selection of this week’s news, local and not.  

Local Items

Eric of the Lashes fell in a hole. He broke something, had surgery and doesn’t have medical insurance. You know how that goes. Hit up a benefit show tommorow in Redmond to help defray the costs.

Rocky Votolato’s new album details emerge. Member of local group Slender Means will put out his fifth album titled The Brag and Cuss on June 19. Slender Means also has a few more local dates scheduled for the next couple of weeks.

Tegan and Sara announce tour. This Portland sister pair will be supporting their fifth album, coming out July 24, with dates at the Triple Door July 18 and 19.

Vote for your favorite local band. The yearly People’s Picks poll can be voted on through June 3 with winners announced June 18. That list is missing some of the best bands around town right now so make sure you’re heard.


Non Local Items

Presidential Hopeful’s Music Tastes Profiled. Clearly hipster respect isn’t what these candiates are gunning for with these choices, although I do have to give props to Kucinich for Willy Nelson. That is always the right answer in my book.

New Rilo Kiley album to be released this year. An August 20 U.K. release date but no U.S. date yet. That’s only three months away. Snap!

Austin City Limits Festival Lineup Announced. Bob Dylan, Amy Winehouse and Bjork among others.


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  1. That NWSource list BLEW!
    How can you even consider having a vote on the best bands in Seattle without even mentioning or considering:
    Thee Emergency
    Ice Age Cobra
    The Hands
    Ms. Led
    Hopscotch Boys
    Seriously, What the fuck?!

  2. matt #

    This post is a few weeks old, but I just thought I’d mention that Rocky Votolato isn’t in Slender Means. Cody Votolato (his brother), however, is. Rocky has toured with Slender Means, and they’ve been his backing band at those times, but he’s not really in any band full-time other than his own.

    Bonus: Cody Votolato has a soloish side project called Blue Checkered Record Player that’s also worth investigating..

    Bonus Bonus: Sonny Votolato is in the Blood Brothers. Rocky and Sonny were both in Waxwing. Cody was in Bugs in Amber. Josh Dawson of Slender Means fronted Fields of Mars and Light Heavyweight. All of them have made out with Kevin Bacon at least once.

    anyways. just saying.

  3. my bad on that. I was under the impression that he was a full-time member. I stand corrected.

  4. I just now read the Seattle Sound Magazine’s interview with the Lashes, and it is revealed that Eric Howk is indeed paralyzed below the waist, but maybe not permanently. At the beginning of the article, the author writes that some blogs “spread the word with little regard for tact and even less regard for fact.” I’m sorry if anyone was offended by that headline. This article is the first thing that I’ve heard that isn’t hearsay. It is sad news. Had I known the scope of the injury was so large at the time of writing, I would have chosen my words more carefully.

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