December 28, 2006

An Invitation to Abbey’s Listening- December


This month’s list is shorter than usual, because I spent much of December re-listening to the Best of 2006 to prepare my year end lists.

Sister Winter- Sufjan Stevens *

Xmas Cake – Rilo Kiley *

Every single Track of Oh These Troubled Times – The Sea Navy (fantastic! clever! catchy! unsigned?!?!)

The Only Living Boy in New York- The Long Winters (Paul Simon cover) – Live at KEXP from 2003

Wild Sweet Orange – liked everything I’ve heard 

Orinda- The Antiques (who’s entire album Nicknames and Natives is solid)

All of The Time- Locksley (ahhhh! they cloned the beatles!)

Intervention – Arcade Fire (from the forthcoming Neon Bible)

 Elvis Perkins live from the Living Room in NYC- circa 2002 (featuring early versions of what would become Ash Wednesday)

Underwater (You & Me) – Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah (from their forthcoming album)

Sway – Voxtrot

Power Doesn’t Run on Nothing- The Thermals

all of Fox Confessor Brings the Flood - Neko Case (seems to get even better with each listen)

The Best Ever Death Metal Band Out of Denton – Mountain Goats

Menomena’s Friend and Foe Album (it’s gonna be big in ’07)


* the only Christmas songs I can stomach… and they’re so gorgeous they get all year play.

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  1. anonymous #

    do you have a link to the elvis perkins bootleg? that’d be much, much appreciated. thanks!

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