December 19, 2006

Today’s news


Local Jim Noir had to cancel the rest of his tour in the US because his band wasn’t let back into the US from Canada. I’m dissapointed I missed his show at the Croc for the Holiday Karaoke. Hopefully he’ll be playing again soon. In other passport news, Tapes n’ Tapes got a bunch of stuff stolen right as they were leaving Australia, including passports. A number of bands have been victims of robberies this year, from Grizzly Bear to Dinosaur Jr. Sadly musicians are a poor lot who tend to carry everything important to them with them all the time, and so lose everything when robbed.

Bright Eyes has announced a release date for their next album: April 10. Called Cassadega it will be preceded by a month by an EP called Four Winds on March 6. 

Trey got arrested for drinking and driving. Or should I say Ernest J. got arrested. That mugshot is priceless.

Spinner points to an mp3 from Seattle band “Welcome” who they describe as a “psych-pop quartet” in the style of Grizzly Bear, Broadcast and Mazzy Star.

Another of my favorite DJ’s at KEXP and host of the local music show Audioasis, Lisa Wood has her year end list up. In other KEXP news, I saw DJ Riz at Machiavelli last night. He clearly knows where some good Italian food in this town is. If only we didn’t have to wait 45 minutes to get a table. In other Italian food news, the new La Spiga on 12th and Pike has opened. In a word, amazing.

Pitchfork has stream of Death Cab covering “Rocking Chair”, a song originally done by The Band. Pitchfork also has their 50 best albums of the year up. They also have a bunch of other year end lists up. I just shake my head and move on.

And finally, if yer into the year end lists, largeheartedboy has em’ all, updated daily. Except for ours. It’s not up yet. Tommorow. I doubt too much will be a secret after seeing our songs lists last week.


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